How to pace myself 2020 race season?

Good day

I was wondering if someone may have some tips for me for 2020. I have 4 or 5 races

1st one 8 March Cape Argus 108km road
2: end of April Swartberg100 170km gravel race
3: 22nd August Trans Baviaans 230km MTB
4: 10 October Half marathon 21km
5: 1st weekend in November OFM classic 105km

My main goal in 2020 is taking my FTP up too 4watts/kg by April/may(3.25-3.5w/kg currently) and only want to peak on the 3rd race the baviaans. What training plans do you recommend staring around Chrismas?

Currently Im just bulding a good running base and 2 times a week on the MTB but in a week or 2 I will start using the trainer again

Thank you


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I think you should try the new Plan Builder.

Take a look at the Plan Builder thread, turn on the plan builder early access and have a play with it.

Get your MTB race in the calendar as your A race and the first two as B or C races.

If you are new to structured training then be cautious with the volume as you can always add runs and rides as needed.

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Mooi man. If that 10 October 21km is the Meiringspoort one, then I’m doing 4/5 events you’re doing too. (I don’t MTB so no Trans Baviaans).

Am doing a few other events though. Knysna Cycle Tour, Challenge Cape Town (70.3 distance tri) and 947 Ride Joburg possibly.

All the best for this coming weekend. I’m starting in 2G at 6:56.

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Have you been at 4W/kg previously? If not then I think that a bump of 0.5-0.75W/kg in 4-8 weeks is unrealistic. That’s a huge gain, especially from a level that is already reasonably high, and given that you are running as well as cycling. Would normally only see those gains in somebody who is off the couch and/or has been at very high levels previously.

Other than that, I’d second the recommendation to use Plan Builder. With the caveat that for the events you’re doing you’ll likely need to add some much longer training rides then anything TR is going to give you. To test out equipment, clothing and nutrition as well as endurance.

Jammer nou eers weer terug gekom op teainerroad. Hoe het dit toe gegaan met jou argus?



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Argus went ok. Think it was 3hr26, but I was pretty much in off-season back then. But thoroughly enjoyed it. Hoping the 2021 event will take place as I will be targeting it as an A-race. So I’ll get there in good shape.

All my other 2020 race plans are out the window now. This covid business is messing us around properly. Let’s hope Oom Cyril can give us some good news soon.

Ja nê will go back again also wil try and go get my sub 3. Went out drinking all day and night so got in an hour and a halfs sleep. Managed a 3h 04 min. Wouldn’t races be allowed under level 2 or only on level 1?