How to keep FTP on a 2 week break in the middle of training block?

Hi, some advice please.

I’ve just completed Sweet Spot Base Phase 1 and am now 3 weeks into SS Base Phase 2.
Unfortunately (!!) I’m going to sunnier climes on Tuesday for 2 weeks where there’s going to be very little cycling.
Any advice is welcome on how to keep my FTP at the same level for those 2 weeks!!. During the base phase its gone up from 225 to 250 and when I retest on 05/02 I’m hoping for it not to have decreased…

Squats, walking lunges, core work, rest, limited alcohol(-:))…???

Thanks for your help


Unless you can access cycling-like equip or are already adept at something like running as an aerobic substitute, I would be prepared to see at least some drop. It’s not practical to expect holding level with the items you suggested

You have essentially listed “strength” work that is more about muscle building and maintenance. It lacks the aerobic element that actually comprises the majority of the Base workouts and what actually leads to FTP improvements. Your best chance would be to add something that is more like the general aerobic and cardio stress on your body. Running would be great, but only if you have a history of running enough to avoid injury.

Work hard until then, enjoy the break and don’t feel guilty!

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