How to go forward

Hey, first some background:

I started back up with cycling last year after a long injury period. I was left with very little leg strength and my FTP in April 2018 was 139. I spent 2018 just riding and starting up with Zwift and the workouts to help my FTP. Now I’m up to 258 and am now struggling with over-under workouts in the Sweet Spot Base 1 Mid Vol. Plan.

The rest of the workouts so far are pretty OK, not too hard. I can do a 40/20 workout with 120% FTP 40 sec and Zone 1 20 sec. 8 times a set and 3 sets with 7 min recovery between OK. So I’m not sure if i just need to keep trying on the over-under workout or I need to raise the roof on my VO2 max so I can raise my FTP again?

My workouts is a follow:

  • Monday easy 30-45 TSS,
  • Tuesday hardest 115+ TSS,
  • Wednesday hard 60-70 TSS,
  • Thursday off,
  • Friday hard 60-70 TSS,
  • Saturday hard 60-70 TSS,
  • Sunday off

I hope you can understand what I mean.