How to get started with adaptive training

I have just signed up for Trainer Road and would like to know how to get the best start for using adaptive training?
I have been training for many years, so shall I upload my training history, so that Trainer road adaptive engine has some numbers for calculating my next workouts? Or how does it work?

Thanks in advance :grinning:

Are this ride outdoor rides or indoor rides?

I think uploading everything is still probably a good things.

Once you upload all, what i would do is either take a ramp test or use the AI ftp estimation…

Once you have a roughy idea of your ftp I would pick a plan that suits your needs, time, and goals.

Once you start doing the plan or start following the Train now workouts, you will see your levels adjust (when compared to the ftp)

You should maybe retest or do another AI ftp every so often so your levels can readjust and you can train at the optimal level for every new ftp… Good luck and welcome to TR

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