How to fit Weekend rides and Tuesday night worlds in to traning

My area is starting to open back up. With that weekend club rides and Tuesday night worlds will soon be up and ruining again.

How do people fit those in to there training?
Is a Tuesday night worlds ‘race’ on rolling roads a reasonable replacement for a rolling road race specialization session?

Some context for me I do low volume plains due to life responsibilities. My plan has been to do club rides every other weekend and do my Saturday training ride on Sunday those weeks.

it’s tough to consistently work those rides into true training unless you are riding with faster riders, which can be good to go out and get crushed; but it doesn’t address your personal weaknesses or overall goals for your current block of training…leaving you fatigued for the actual sessions that you have in place for training. i.e. if you’re in an FTP block, smashing worlds will likely leave you a bit dull for 15-30 minute FTP intervals (or whatever you have scheduled)…on the flip side, you might be gaining benefit from the staccato of the ride, adapting to pace changes, learning to draft better, etc etc…

plus and minus to both, so just make sure those ride fit in well with the cycle you are in.

good luck!