How to delete a ride from schedule in iOS app?

Anyone know how to delete a scheduled ride in the iOS app? I can’t swipe left or right and holding down just opens the ride. I ended up riding outside today, and my ride loaded up no problem, but I can’t delete the scheduled TR ride from the calendar.

I am not sure that function exist in the app side yet.

They are still adding full app control to match web access.

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I suspect you’re right.

I know I could just go to the website and do it, but this happens to me frequently, so I kept the planned ride on the schedule for now so I can test it in the app if anyone knows how.

Yeah, short term hassle.

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This is exactly right. The Applications are pretty bare-bones right now, but we wanted to get the Calendar out in the “wild” so that you all can plan your indoor training season properly :slight_smile: Getting in-app functionality up and running is our next major priority.