How Much Work Do you Take on to Make a Training Playlist?

  1. What are the considerations you think of when making your list?
  2. Do you try to structure the songs to go with your intervals? I use a spreadsheet to make sure a the playlist duration matches the workout duration, I have tried to match intervals but a spreadsheet is weak sauce for that.
  3. Do you make playlists specific to specific workouts?

For me:

  1. I try to add in a variety of music, old, new, classical, 'Dead, heavy metal ish etc. The workout guides the playlist – I match the music intensity (in general) to the workout’s.
  2. Not really. I typically pick out higher tempo music for more intense workouts and some songs hit the work intervals and some miss.
  3. Yes but I will reuse them on as needed basis.

The only real must have in my playlist creation is there needs to be heroic music at the end. The – I often reach for John Williams (Throne Room from Star Wars, the 1941 March, the Raiders of the Lost Ark, Summon the Heros) and the last movement to Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony works very well here. I try to find a starting song/piece that sets the tone for the workout – Bach overtures work great and today’s was Scuttle Buttin’ by Steve Ray Vaughn. There are also a number of songs that turn my spaghetti legs into lightning bolts and they are in nearly every playlist of mine (Fight the Good Fight, Run to the HIlls, Roundup).

Anyway happy training!

None at all - just use Amazon Music through my Sonos and select all my songs. Just skip through the ones that are the wrong tempo for what I’m doing or feeling like.

I just like th variety more and would quickly get bored with the same songs at the same times for workouts. Having 10,000 songs randomly playing and skipping through is enough variety!


None, just all the songs that I really like and I add them as i’m reminded of them, mostly by accident.

Shuffle function was a revelation!

I’m needing to sit and add 50 songs to “Bike” playlist.

My current playlist goes from Sex Pistols to Pavorotti.

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