How much fitness will I have lost after a heavy stag party weekend?

I had my stag party this weekend. It consisted of 2 nights of heavy drinking, a mud run obstacle course, 40000 steps of walking, shooting guns and 4 hours of sleep over 60 hours. All in all, a pretty damn good time :joy:

So I did my last bike session on Wednesday 4th which was just a ramp test and the Sunday before that was the last big ride I got in. I got back tonight with 45 mins of Baird-2 and it was pretty tough. I’m 16 weeks into my plan now so I have a lot of base behind me.

I’m hoping I haven’t gone too far back but that said the next 5 weeks before my wedding are likely to be challenging to get all my rides in too. Any tips for not losing too much or perhaps just some sound advice at this juncture of my life? :joy:

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Likely none, you might simply be unrecovered from the fun weekend but physiologically your fitness has unlikely changed and will quickly be back to normal if not better as fun=fast.


Compared to the fitness lost after getting married and having a couple of kids…you’re doing just fine…


Don’t worry about lost fitness and enjoy your wedding and post wedding bliss. Greatest night of my life and the greatest feeling ever for a few days after, all far too fleeting.

Don’t get married :joy:

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OP, it sounds like you will gain fitness!

All of it.