How many burgers per week?

I recently tried a homemade chicken burger. It was very crispy and delicious! The patty was precooked and it has 230 calories with 10 grams of fat(1.5g being saturated). I usually have a treat meal once a week and my diet consists pastas, grapes, almonds, potatoes, boiled eggs, lentils, onions, greens and mushrooms. I train for 10 hours a week on average. I know that burgers aren’t healthy but they are addictive! How many burgers can I eat per week and still stay healthy? my treat meal usually was a 10 inch cheese pizza and some fries.

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Are you training to be a Olympic champion? If no, then eat all the burgers you want. Its like stopping youself in the middle of sex and saying you cant lose any more calories.


I eat a turkey or beef burger patty at least 5 times a week, sometimes on a salad but not always. I’ve never had any issues other than the desire to eat them with fries and a shake. :metal:

I wouldn’t hold back if that’s the worst part of your diet, you are fine.

Hang on, am I the only one doing that?