How long to adjust to new position (Post bike fit) and regain some lost fitness?

So my fitness is down from last year for a variety of reasons. I probably did too much TR base over the winter. Also found out I was allergic to eggs. TR AI FTP isn’t accurate for me, it says I’ve lost 2 watts, it’s more like 40.
I also recently had my fit updated, about two weeks ago.

Beginning Monday I will be working some VO2 and sweet spot back into my TR rides and outdoor rides. How quickly can your average 42 year old regain lost fitness?

My FTP last year peaked at about 340, it’s probably in the 280-290 range right now. I’ve been adding distance back over the last two weeks. This upcoming week I’ll be doing a combo of distance an intensity with a couple of interval based rides. Two Z2 rides, one of which will be approx 90 miles, and one Z1 ride. Total mileage for the upcoming week will be 180-200 miles.

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It really is about 2 things. How different is the new fit and are you a fast adapter or a slower one. If it feels good after 2 weeks go for it. If pain develops back off a bit.

My knees feel a lot better in this new position but it was more change than I anticipated. We raised the saddle 2.5cm (yes CM) and slid it back another 2cm.

No pain really, just no power. I think some of it is fitness but a lot of it is new position.

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My guess, it’s prob that your muscles are not firing by memory. It will take sometime for them to learn the new pattern.