How important is to center the tire and a wheel-on trainer?

So, I have a tacx flow smart that I use with a Cinelli semper and my problem is that is almost impossible to perfectly center the tire. I have no spacers on the left side and yet the tire is on the right side of the metal roller. The tire is still fully within the metal cylinder, though.

Here’s how it looks:


Is my setup a problem?!

Thanks for any comment and feedback.

No problem at all with that positioning. Most important is that the tire clears any fixed supports, so you are fine there.

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As above, as long as the wheel is perpendicular to the drum, it is ok. If it is not, it will pull to one side and wear the tyre quicker and may also cause extra drag. It may happen when one of pivots holding the bike sags or incorrect skewer is used.