How excited are you for the "Train now" feature?!

I’ve been using TR since June 2018 and with good succes. My focus is cyclocross and therefore always followed sweet spot base 1 - sweet spot base 2 - short power build - specialty CX all on low volume plans due to life, time constraints and quite a bit of extra outdoor riding. It has gotten more and more difficult though to commit to and complete these plans and the fact that i’m a trainer for my cycling club for CX, MTB and road. Meaning all year round, every tuesday and thursday i train youth and adults. Taking up a lot of time and energy. To commit to a plan, even low volume, makes it very challenging, more so if the plan is 24 weeks long. I currently follow a custom plan lasting 13 weeks, after which i hope the Train now function makes it easier to do a workout whenever i can and not have to think about it too much if i’m doing the right workout, not doing too much or too little, very interested to see what it will be like.

So,…who else is looking forward to the “Train now” function?

The Train Now functionality is already up and running live on the desktop app and (I think) beta versions of the mobile app so you should be able to access it already.

Even if you are working on a plan currently it is very fun to have a look at what Train Now suggests for a day.

In my n=1 experience it has given me a good option of workouts at what seem the right kind of level. Definitely some of the AT code in the background specifying suitable workouts.

If you are meaning the AT release then this is still in a closed beta phase and will be released over time. That is definitely something to also look forward to (but is different to Train Now).

Happy riding.

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