How do you fit in Wednesday worlds/group rides while structured training?

I follow a low-volume plan with 3 trainer road workouts during the week and I am now facing a dilemma with Wednesday worlds. I really like group rides when it comes to the social aspect and just riding with other people, but at the same time, I don’t want these group rides to negatively impact my training. I am currently in sustained power build low volume and I had to skip a workout last week as I went too hard during a group ride and that ride left me fatigued for 2 days. Data wise: it was a 3-hour ride with an IF of 0.79, Normalized Power of 255W (FTP 288W), an average power of 218W, average heart rate of 162bpm, and a whopping 227 TSS!

Sometimes, I join the easier group but due to the group dynamics, there are instances where I have to go into zone 5 (anaerobic) due to the rolling terrain and there is always that one guy who likes to push the pace. Also, I personally haven’t been riding with other people for the last couple of months so I have lost some group riding skills such as maintaining a steady pace on hills, etc. (I made a whole new topic on that so not going to go into detail here). I had to label my last Wednesday worlds as a C race as a result. My biggest disappointment when it comes to riding with other people is that the pace is always higher than what is initially agreed upon. People push hard on the climbs and I am forced to go into my red zone on a regular basis.

I enjoy riding with other people, but at the same time, I don’t want to finish a group ride completely toasted with nothing left, which would negatively impact my ability to be consistent in my training. How can I go about this?

I would replace one of the workouts with the group ride. 3 intense TR workout and then a hard group ride is too much IMO. Adding steady endurance rides to LV is fine. I think most people who complain about TR being too much intensity don’t respect this. They think LV so I can add one or two group rides. My experience is that will overload me and most people.


Yup…structure the week so you get enough rest in between rides. So maybe Mon, Weds and Saturday for your hard rides.

Supplement with Z2 rides as you wish.

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That’s what I was thinking but thought it was possible as trainerroad says that we can add unstructured rides in addition to our three prescribed workouts. Boy, I was totally wrong lol, I think they meant to say zone 2 rides.

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