How do you categorize unstructured outdoor riding in terms of training type / power zone?

Hmm, I stand corrected then.

Your point is valid though, and I agree. Those terms could categorize weekly, monthly, or annual TiZ distributions, which also does. So kudos to him for that :+1: But that label within a single ride is going to trip up some newbies.

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Its for individual rides - I just checked by 2 rides for this week; Pettit (noted as Base) and Mills (noted as Polarized)

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@ojtCycling I think you probably gathered this but what @cartsman posted up-thread is what we were discussing in that thread I linked to (you were part of). It’s just my way of doing what he’s talking about.

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Yep thanks @tshortt - I clicked through on your link and was taken to your post that low and behold I had already bookmarked :smiley:

For those that prefer to half ass look at the the data, Xert has a “focus” metric to categorize unstructured rides and a way to dynamically target that focus during a ride.

I use it alot to mindlessly “structure” my outdoor rides by looking at the focus time on my garmin during “intervals”

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Yes, since long steady rides will tend to have this shape. Other types of rides will have very different shapes, sometimes with multiple peaks.

I looked at my data and it seems my computer is dropping power data again (it sees to do this whenever the memory starts to fill up), which may be part of the reason my 0-24 watt range was so big.