How do I take trainer workouts outdoors on a Wahoo Bolt

How do I take trainer workouts outdoors on a Wahoo Bolt without having to completely recreate the workout on TP.

I love the training plans and workouts TR create but i will be outside as much as possible. In the past and training plans on other platforms have just sync’d with TP and therefore easy to get onto my wahoo bolt.

By far my biggest frustration with TR is having to manual recreate every workout in training peaks.


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As far as I know manually building them in Training Peaks is the only way. I hear your frustration…this is the one feature I’d love to have probably more than any other.


Same here. Wahoo bolt is brilliant for doing them outside as the pause planned workout feature is perfect if you need to ride a bit to good start point, or get to next block of road for an interval. It’s terribly unfortunate that we have to copy TR into TP to use it, because it works so well once setup! Wahoo should have done more with it, or open sourced access to load workouts from a generic format.

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Honestly, old-fashion written out taped to the top tube is your best bet (if you don’t want to recreate them in TP). There’s a ton of data fields on the wahoo I’m sure you’re aware of that can help with tracking lap power and viewing post interval via “last lap power” is what I do…

Also maybe Wahoo integration down the line… (personally I’m a wahoo user)


I’m actually surprised Wahoo themselves didn’t create a workout creator program. It comes with some Team Sky pre-populated workouts and it integrates so nicely with Kickr that it seems like a logical thing to allow us to create planned workouts.
Wahoo not doing it was how why I ended up coming to TrainerRoad in the first place.

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A popular assumption (though I doubt ever substantiated) is that TP has a financial partnership to provide this on behalf of Wahoo.


Yes, for some of them it’s quite easy to do from memory even in which case I use the lap functions, but it’s still crazy to have a device with such great functionality for this exact purpose going unused because the companies won’t play together (yet) or because the device manufacturer didn’t provide an easy loading interface.

As a 100% predictable result, the Wahoo interface has now been hacked open so you can load and store workouts yourself without relying on TP anymore.

The next logical step is that all sorts of well known training plans will end up on the web for free library downloads all at once to your device to not have to play games re-creating and scheduling workouts on TP.

I’d much rather keep paying TR to make it easy, but if the functionality doesn’t come from TR, someone else will inevitably do it - the demand is clearly building.


I wasn’t aware of a hack to do it with out TP. Where would I go to find out how to do that?

Can be done on PC too apparently. I havent tried it yet.


Just got an Elemnt Bolt and although I’ve only had it 24h I can’t see myself going back to Garmin in a hurry. +1 wishing we could ride TR workouts on our Wahoo head units and I was disappointed when I scrolled through the long list of Wahoo integrations and failed to find TR. Fingers crossed they will implement it but maybe there’s an exclusivity clause in the TP contract with Wahoo?I

Hey Jimbo!

We are currently working on the ability to push outside workouts to both Wahoo and Garmin head units :slight_smile:

We have no ETA quite yet, but it is an active project that we hope to have up and running in the not-too-distant future. Stay tuned here on the forum for updates :+1:


Any news on when new workout creator will launch?

Unfortunately, we have no ETA for that at this time.

Our current development focus is to bring the full Calendar experience into the apps. The new Workout Creator will be on the backburner until the current project is completed and we have resources to devote to its development.

But as a forum user, you’ll be the first to know about any updates or Betas availiable for testing, so stay tuned in!

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Woah!! Hey Bryce - that’s awesome news. I’m awaiting my first PM crankset, which should come in May sometime so i’m not even ready to utilise the feature yet but I will when it becomes available. Thanks very much for the update! :grin::ok_hand:t2:

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another vote for making them in training peaks. doesn’t take too long and you can just copy the workouts that are the same in training peaks…it is a pain to always make sure the 2 plans are the same but its the only way that i know of. i commute 90% of the time on my bike so i do almost all the workouts outside

Thanks Bryce. If I can keep up!! Need the search function nowadays!

Someone correct me if I’m wrong but I’m sure if you perform a TR workout on your trainer but also run your Wahoo head unit to record you can then redo this workout from history outside. Not ideal but if you have repeating workouts it might be useful to some.

I believe that’s just repeating the route, not the metrics. Could be wrong.

I have a Wahoo Bolt and it’s my understanding that you can do this through Erg. However, I have not tried it myself.

Any updates will be posted in the “Announcements” section of the forum. You can select this filter from the home page of the forum to make all updates easy to find :slight_smile: