How do I structure my cycling training as a beginner

Hello everyone. I come from a running background(6ft, 70kg, 22y/o, 21:45 5k runner). I have occasionally biked and sometimes really long rides of 50-100km. But I want to get more serious and track my progress while committing to structured training. I own a Garmin watch, polar chest strap heart rate monitor and aluminium road bike. By using this gear , how do you suggest my bike week(can commit to 3/4 times a week)should look like. With running ,you have easy, tempo interval sessions and long run. And with running you maintain an average speed mostly unless it is an interval session but I have noticed bikers do a lot of bursts than averageappvalley

Anyways, how would you structure my week(roughly) if you were my trainer. I currently hover at 25kph for an hour and have maintained 23kph for 5 hours before in a long ride. And would be nice if your suggestion includes pointers on how to increase intensity and distance gradually in each suggested sessions.

Use plan builder, and go off of RPE… and then buy a power meter as soon as you can.

Well this is the whole point of TrainerRoad, isn’t it?
I would say just use it RPE based

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Nobody can write you a training plan in a post.

First, get a power meter if you want to train seriously.

Next, get the pace based training out of your head for cycling.

Get a TR subscription. Read Joe Friel’s book. Read blogs on training. Listen to podcasts.

The ultimate answer depends on what you want to train for. I’d put you on a lot of zone 2 easy riding if you didn’t have much base.