How do I modify this training week so I get Maximum Adaptation™ without killing myself?

I’m on week 3 of SSB2LV, and it’s been disrupted a bit by 9 days of travel and jetlag. I usually do Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday as my training days, and my original plan was to jump right into Bluebell on the Tuesday I got home. Instead, the week has looked like this:

I’m not an athlete (I started structured training for the first time this year, I don’t race, I don’t have magical dormant athletic muscle memory from childhood, and I do quite a lot of sitting). I’m skeptical that threshold with sprints followed immediately by over/unders is a good choice for my mildly-wonky right knee, so I’m looking at swapping Jepson for something else. What’s a replacement that would spare my knee but still let me keep pretending to be an athlete? Just Petit, since I did Colosseum? Marginally more exciting Zone 2 like Bald Knob or Beech? Maybe something sweet-spot-and-chill like Monitor -1 or Antelope -3? Should I just go outside and enjoy the *checks weather report* rain?


I wouldn’t overthink it. Ideally Colloseum would’ve come after Palisade, but hey ho.

Take 10% intensity off Jepson.

And/or swap them around.

Eat and sleep well Friday Saturday and Sunday :slight_smile:

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Gah, of course. That turns it into a sweet spot workout. Thanks!


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