How are people finding the TR Polarized plans?

No it’s not. You just have to work at it initially till it becomes second nature.


Has anyone seen anything related to how faraway or close to LT1 is optimal?

i.e. Does a long ride in recovery zone give the same benefit as sitting just below LT1 for the same duration?

It probably does not, but it may be better for you on the day before or after a really hard workout or when trying to extend the length of your sessions. In my experience, there’s more to bike endurance than cardiovascular fitness. Hands, butt, etc… so there are times that exercising well below lt1 is beneficial.


It’s one of those 64,000 dollar questions. Seiler has said that he notes pros tend to ride somewhere in the middle not right at their LT1, where as amateurs are always trying to ride at the limits.

How well do you know your LT1, lactate actually measured or just an approximation? If an approximation better to err on side of caution to stop you ending up in the middle zone.

Anecdotally I tend to ride at a higher HR range (still in my low range) when in my base period and I’m not doing much intensity. When I reintroduce high intensity I drop the intensity of my low intensity rides.

If your hard sessions are being impacted by your easy sessions then you need to drop the intensity of your easy sessions.


Just approximation/guessing using breathing… doesn’t help i’m not the best nose breather to begin with.

Was just looking there to see if I could set a Respiration Rate data field on my Edge, but i don’t think it’s possible, despite it showing on Connect.

The premise of my statement was my experience of trainees and that of coaches of professional sport. Is your feedback and the previous post about that, or just you?