Houseplants around your trainer!

As the majority of our training is indoors and sometimes in basements etc, has anyone found any benefit to adding an abundance of houseplants in your GainCave?

Figuring that when training hard the Co2/O2 balance is a bit out of whack, it may help redress the balance

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I can’t think that it is ever going to have any sort of significant effect on O2 might make it look nicer.


Cold-hearted! You totally destroyed his chances for a placebo effect. :crying_cat_face: :joy_cat:


By chance my trainer is next to a shelf full of plants. I like to think they can do something with all that humidity I’m introducing to the air. :grinning::seedling:

Ye, the effect would probably be negligible, even placebo but a gain is a gain right? Humidity, Co2, toxin removal. Even if it’s just wellbeing.

Maybe it’ll make the bicarb and beta alanine work harder :slight_smile:

Daylight in a pain cave, non in mine… plants would be dead in under a week.


Plenty of artificial light options for those that want greens in the dark rooms.

Very true, how long would you have to leave them on for, most of the labs you see growing artificial plants I believe use 24 hour blue/purple light? Can imagine that could also wipe out any environmental benefit, obviously depending on electricity source… lots to think about…

Come summer maybe I should move into the green house and train around the tomatoes :slight_smile: Carbs to hand!!

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Nice. :+1:t3:


I’ve never thought of it, but the ambiance may be something of an advantage for me. Some house plants, Zwift, non-harsh lighting, basically anything possible to make the room inviting. I think these would all be gains for me.

I keep plants near me at work because I like to know there’s something else stuck in an inhospitable foreign environment slowly dying inside and out every single day


You wouldn’t need to keep the light on 24 hours, which outside plant has that?

Maybe you could power it with your trainer…

Be right back gonna put some venus fly traps on my handlebars

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Not only would I suck all the oxygen away from my lovely plants with my massive Vo2 efforts, they’d see no light in my “gaincave”. I might steal their water too!

Well, most of the atmosphere’s O2 comes from marine algae.

So with that in mind, it could be quite beneficial to setup a few poorly-maintained aquariums next to your trainer.


Any plant north of the arctic circle at certain times in the summer :wink:

Power I put out on my trainer, mushrooms are the only thing I’ll be growing!!

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I might actually try it!