Hopefully minor damage to Assiomas...anything to worry about?

I’ve been using Assioma Duo-shi with SPD cleats. I’m guessing I whacked the pod with the cleat, and sliced the outer layer/covering a bit. Has anyone had a similar issue? Think it’s anything to worry about? They seem to work fine so far.

I was wondering if I could cover it with a small piece of Gorilla tape or something for protection. Hopefully I’m overthinking it.


I have a smaller gouge on one of my pods that hasn’t been an issue. I think if your power gets screwy you’ll notice, and Favero’s support was excellent the one time I had a power issue with a pedal, so I wouldn’t be too concerned.

Might as well email them with photos and see what they say, but in your shoes I’d likely just run it and get in touch if an issue develops.

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Great to hear…thanks!

i saw a cross section of one of those pods and I think the whole electronics is encased in some kind of epoxy. If it still works, I think it would be fine.


What russell has said here!

It takes a lot of damage to make these pods to truly be broken, see statement below.

The pods are sealed resin mold: * The bicomponent resin block , fully watertight and shock-proof, in which all the electronic components of the sensor are immersed and protected.
It would be interesting to learn, if power meters can survive in really harsh conditions.

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