Home trainer maintenance and check up

I’m considering on selling my home trainer ( Elote Suito 2020 ) since I need money and next year I’m either going to the army or living in another country.
And winter is coming so it seems like the right time.

Any tips on what to look for during the check up to see if everything is good ?

I’m at least planning on washing properly the cassette and the axle, trying out the trainer on a few workouts, testing erg mode, but have no idea what to do next.

Also, do you guys think I can wash the cassette directly on the trainer ( carefully ) or should I remove it first ?
I would have to buy the tools for this.

Sounds like you are taking the right approach by making sure it’s in working order. As far as cleaning the cassette is concerned, there’s no need to take it off… I don’t, though you might get a more thorough clean if you do. I wouldn’t suggest spraying anything on it directly though as some of the spray could make it’s way into the electronics.

To clean it, I’ll typically add some degreaser to a small cup and use a toothbrush to work it into the cassette and the space between them. Then I’ll use some cassette floss to get the junk out. That usually works out well for me

Oh yeah, I didn’t thunk about using a toothbrush.

I will also do as usual and put some protection behind as I do to protect discs, just to be extra cautious.

Thanks :+1: