Holding on the the Focus

My “A” race is still on right now, The Dead Swede on 6 June. Then two more gravel races the following two weekends. With each day getting news about the virus and the social distancing being extended until the end of April now, it’s getting harder to stay focused and on the training. On top of that the weather is breaking in South Dakota, I’ve stored by fat bike and rolled out the gravel and mountain bikes into the ready position.

I’m in the recovery week of General Build and 4 more weeks of Build before Specialty begins. I know the right answer is to push through Build and if the races announce their off go back to Base with a higher FTP but I’m finding it hard to not just go out and play. All my early gravel races have said they’d announce the first week of May if they’re on or off. So for me, it’s stay the course and be ready to rip if we slow this thing down by May and the race schedule opens up in June.