Hold back strategy to avoid being a christmas star

Just started my training for 2019 after some weeks of rest/easy riding. Did 4x10 sweet spot today which felt easy dispite higher average watt then planned, it feels as I haven’t lost so much of my level during the easy period.

Sounds like a nice place to be, but I’m afraid to be a christmas star and my to main targets of 2019 will be in mid/late June and then mid Sep.

So the question is how to handle it?

  • Go back to rest period and phase out further? (Do although feel mentally ready)
  • Continue but not raising watt even when possible, accept staying on a plateau and build base
  • Go on and handle the plateau later when I hit it.
  • Plan for a rest period later and then restart

Without knowing the exact date of your A event in June and how far into SSB you currently are it’s a bit of a guessing game…

That said - you probably have time to finish up SSB and a build by the middle of December and then redo base, build, specialize by the middle of June with some cushion weeks in there for life events.

So - base, build, base, build, specialize → June → break ->build, specialize → September

Shortening the build, specialize in the middle as necessary based on the actual time available

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