High volume + skip easy workouts = mid volume+?

I find the easy workouts harder to get started than the harder interval workouts. Viable strategy to load a high volume plan but skip easy workout days altogether as a way to balance life and training?

IDK if that ideal…
You do get benefits from the “easy” wo.

I guess it all depends on goals…
If you are doing this as pure exercise with no racing in mind… then sure… just do the hard one…
But if you are racing, then maybe you should reconsider.

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I think you’d be better off following a mid volume plan to the T. Then add endurance days or extra time in the endurance zone after each scheduled workout.


I’m a firm believer of doing a lower volume plan and then add extra workouts (mostly endurance) then doing the higher volume and skipping workouts.


That’s essentially what I’ve done. Not sure it’s especially deliberate but it’s a lot harder to get out of bed for pettit than, say, galena or tallac or what have you.

Probably isn’t ideal, admittedly, though.