High TSS event at end of rest week

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I’m currently facing the tail end of a recovery week. For Sunday, I had scheduled a B event (fondo). Because I’m a mean old boar, I decided to replace the fondo with a similar challenge locally on Saturday (tomorrow).

Anyway, what bothers me a little is that this would mean starting the next training block coming out of a recovery week with a 400 TSS ride. Moving the “event” to Saturday gives me an additional recovery day, but wouldn’t it make more sense to schedule a taper week in cases like these (“achievable,” shorter workouts + event) and move the rest week up to after the event?

I mean, a workaround would be to schedule high-TSS events only as A events, but this would limit the number of and period between those events. What about people doing, for example, an XCM series? Following podcast advice, riders would probably peak for the most important (to them) event, but they would still do the other races. In this situation they would need to adapt their training plan manually quite a bit to get the most out of the training block following a race, right?

So, while scheduling high-TSS events only as A events may be a good idea for most people (incl me), there might be room for a new feature here.


I would suggest you are way overthinking this. What if you reframed your thinking that you are cutting your recovery week a day short and starting your next training block with a nice big TSS workout. Yes, you are going to need some extra recovery after the event, but coming off a rest week, should still be able to complete some quality work later in the week.

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I did an event that came out with a TSS of 1022 in mid May. The way I scheduled my workouts was to do a taper ahead of it, then do a reverse taper the week after. By reverse taper I mean that I moved the hardest workouts to the end of the week after my event but similar workouts to those scheduled during the taper the week before.

Thus my week after the event looked like

Monday Recovery spin 1h
Tuesday Endurance spin 1h
Wed - Tempo session 3 hours
Thu - Rest
Fri - Threshold session
Sat - Recovery spin 1h
Sun - VO2 session

Then week after that back to normal.

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This is how Plan Builder treats ‘A’ events with a longer taper, and a rest week afterwards.
‘A’ races can have up to two week tapers leading up to them, but ‘B’ events will employ shorter tapers or perhaps just a training decrease a few days prior. If its an event that merits enough exertion that you think you’ll need a week of rest afterwards, treat it like an ‘A’ for sure!

A good use for B events if you want this to take place more than the allowed every 8 weeks for ‘A’ events, but it may not result in the best outcome for athletes in their progressions to enable more frequent week long taper + week of rest often. Adaptive Training will do a good job of adjusting if you end up needing to step off and scale back when you need to recover a little. :sunglasses:


Thanks all :slight_smile:

@KonaSS Of course I’m overthinking this - isn’t that what we’re here for? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@PhilW A 1022 TSS event?!? What did you have to do for that? 24 hours solo race? I also like the reverse taper idea.

@IvyAudrain Tapering was less in my mind. It was the idea of ending a rest week on a potentially really exhausting ride and then going into the new training block fatigued (which might make the last weeks of the block interesting). Sure, AT will adjust, but who really wants to fail a workout first to change the plan?

Anyway, the ride turned out to be less taxing than I thought (training works :sunglasses: ). I could only do 350TSS before my computer battery died and it was time for family BBQ, but I don’t think another hour would have changed anything.
If I felt I needed it, I would probably just replace the first two productive workouts with shorter achievable ones and trust the rest to AT. As it is, I’m already toying with the idea of throwing in a recovery ride tomorrow (rest day). I really do like being on the bike, I guess…

So this is good timing to ask this, I guess……I have a B event next weekend (85 mile gravel race, 6k climbing). This week is a recovery week, as is the start of next week.

But next Thursday is Lion Rock +4 (2 hours, 137 TSS), 48 hours before a B event. I get that I want to start to open things back up from a taper / recovery, but that seems kinda excessive.

Any thoughts?

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I think, I’d just replace it with an achievable version of Lion Rock.

Yep 24 hour event, got another next weekend.

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Awesome, have fun!

Uh oh, I was quoting a support article that needs to be updated to reflect current taper logic for events.
You’re getting a productive workout two days before your B event, as B-priority events only have an ‘opener’ workout the day before, but no taper.
You can adjust for a more achievable alternate, but moving forward, if you want a taper for events, you’ll have to schedule it as an A-priority race.
We’ll get that support article updated, sorry for any confusion caused.


Thanks, Ivy…so my recovery this week then would have been just a regularly scheduled recovery week after 3 weeks of workouts. Which makes sense since I have a Ramp Test on the schedule for Tuesday. (Spoiler - I’m not doing it, thanks FTP detection!! :rofl::rofl:)

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Feel free to check in if you need more help! And GOOD LUCK at your race!!

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