High Load TSS at the Beginning of Training Block

So spring break is upon me and my wife and kids all have school and work. So I wanted to take this week and have it be something of a “training camp” with the hopes of an extra added fitness prior to an event I’m participating in 5 weeks from now.

Is there anything that says having a higher than usual TSS for the first week of a training block is a bad thing? I obviously wouldn’t want it to negatively impact the upcoming weeks, but I just came off a rest week and feeling pretty good.

Any insight is much appreciated. Maybe someone here has done something similar?

"higher than usual TSS’ will likely require more than usual rest. Do a block, but realize you may need an extra recovery day or two.


Google for “periodisation front loading”. This article gives basic overview.

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As @BillyWaldman said, go for it – but be aware that you’ll need some extra recovery once the week is done.

Taking a couple of extra recovery days after the training camp would be a good idea. Jumping straight into the next week of training without taking some extra rest could hurt your overall plan in the long run – and it could impact your freshness going into your event 5 weeks from now.

Ride hard and recover harder – then take it easy for at least the first 2-3 days next week to avoid overdoing things before getting back into your regularly scheduled plan.

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