Helping fight the fatigue and lightheaded feeling after a race/hard ride

Sometimes after long races/centuries/training rides I sometimes get overwhelming nasty feeling that nearly takes my breath away. It’s hard to describe… maybe lightheaded, heart feeling fatigued, lungs not working great, almost like having a low blood sugar attack (which it could definitely be). It sometimes takes up to 30 minutes of laying down huffing and puffing to feel right in my head. Any tips to get feeling back to near normal after an event?

Whats your nutrition before and during the ride? Have you discussed this with your doctor?

I can’t see much difference in nutrition… usually try to eat something every 45-60min. This only happens every once in a while. Looking at maybe carrying some fast acting sugar product though.

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I feel the same when my asthma acts up on a hard ride, not sure that’s your issue here as it’s after long rides. I’d talk to your doctor.


I have been diagnosed EIA. I have an inhaler but rarely use it, maybe 2x a year. Can’t tell if this is related.

Does this happen just for hard workouts or most workouts?

Usually very fast and long races or harder than average 5-8 hour rides.

@Spycegurl, i suggest you get checked out by your GP. Without getting you unduly worried, i had similar sensations during a long event and after hard interval sessions. It came down to having heart palpatations which subsided after resting for 30 minutes or so. This has been designated as being Atrial Fibrilation, but as it only occurs once or twice a year, i choose to manage the condition my self rather than getting surgery.
Ive lived with this for over 20 years, and continue to race, but am careful not to overdo my training or the intensity to extremes.

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