Help with Choosing a Training Plan

I’m probably splitting hairs and after careful review of other posts, it appears I’m in good company.

I am considering changing the course with my LT 100 training. I have been working with a new coach for the past 6 weeks, and while I was explicit upfront that I had 8-10 for training and occasionally could grow that to 12 hours. I have been working that past few weeks at 11+ hours, with little input or feedback from the coach.
So I’m considering saving the money and picking a plan with TR. So my question. Is it better from a training standpoint to pick the mid-volume plan and find opportunities to add to the intensity and duration I have time for or is it better to choose the high volume plan and pick minus versions of some workouts to fit with my time restrictions?

Thank you in advance for your feedback!

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I’m no coach but from everything I’ve seen on here and heard on the podcast it’s always recommend to scale down and add additional sessions when needed. Apparently not many people should actually be doing the high volume plan as that much structured training is draining.

Regardless of the plan you use, if your coach isn’t giving you feedback and ignoring your time requirements then I would sack him or her!

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