Help with bluetooth earbuds issue


So I have an issue with my bluetooth earbuds. They connect to my phone fine. but no sound will come out of them for music, however they work fine for calls. just not music. I paired them to a different phone, and they worked fine for everything.

I have tried factory resetting my network settings for bluetooth, and factory resetting my entire phone. Still wont work. Any help?

Make sure your output for music on the phone is the earbuds. You may have to select that in the app or music player

Im trying to use spotify. it doesnt get sound through spotify, you tube, nothing. calls work fine through the headphones, but not sound for video or music. its really strange.

Spotify music is encoded. So to get the music through Bluetooth, you might as well use the Spotify MP3 Downloader from AudFree as I do. I like it. It helps me save the songs from Spotify and listen to them offline anytime I wnat. I can freely stream the music via Bluetooth in my car. I really enjoy it. Hope it can help you.