Help Us Improve TrainerRoad! (Workout Translations)

Hi Maybe use this is way better than google translate .


Yes! We are actively working on incorporating LOTS of new language options for in-ride text as a feature to be released soon!

Help us report those here and we’ll get them fixed right away!

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Are you reimbursing those individuals for their work?

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Seems like everyone so far has been happy to help without trying to dip into TR’s wallet, at least up to now

I’m happy to help with the Russian translation if needed

To be clear, I’m not proficient enough to help. I’m more curious about the TR business model.

There’s couples words that need to be improve in Spanish, I can help with that!

We are implementing a third party service (not via our athletes) to effectively and accurately provide translated language options. This is being integrated and managed by TR employees, all folks involved are being compensated, yes. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Can we somehow help with the german translations? I used the desktop app today for the first time and the “Ericsson” instructions in german were a bit distracting.
It was like a coach who has no idea about cycling told me what to do. Not comparable to the very good instructions in english.
For instance “leg speed” is in cycling-german not the literal translated “Beingeschwindigkeit” but “Trittfrequenz”.

Hey! Once we incorporate all the new in-ride texts with lots of new language options, all the current in-ride texts and translations will be reviewed/updated as well. Sorry for the trouble!