Help Out Team of Graduate Students at Carnegie Mellon?

I’m a professor at Carnegie Mellon. I have a team of student entrepreneurs who are exploring a new startup idea. They need a few people to test out their concept and give them feedback. Their specific request is below:

We would like 10 triathletes or cyclists, who exercise daily or try to exercise daily (at least 3 times a week) regardless of activity type, to participate in a study for 1 or 2 weeks.
As part of the study, we will be collecting some basic exercise and sleep metrics and possibly fitness/sleep app screenshots based on participants’ willingness. Everything will be anonymized. In return, we will provide actionable recommendations on sleep and athletic activities, based on research and collected data, aiming to improve athletic performance.
The estimated time involvement is around 10 minutes a day. At the study’s midpoint and end, we will send out a brief survey about your experience (no more than 5 minutes to fill out.)
If interested, please contact Saheb at