Help - Looking for some suitable sessions advice

I’m looking for some advice…

I’m taking part in my first Ironman - Ironman Wales in 2019. The bike course can only be described as “very lumpy”.

There are no long climbs, just lots and lots of smallish ones. In total - 6,874ft of total climbing over the 112 miles.

But if you’re not going up a climb, you’re going down a descent. There’s not much flat road at all.

My normal outside summer week on the bike consists of the following…

  • Tuesday - hill repeats 8 repeats of a 0.5 mile climb at average 7% while keeping my watts at around 85% ftp
  • Thursday - 1.5hr endurance ride at 65 to 75% ftp
  • Saturday - Long Ride of 3-4hrs on a lumpy route 65% to 80% ftp

I was planning on doing the following over the winter months…

  • Tuesday - picking a few of the Tempo sessions such as “Slide Mountain”, “Table Rock” etc in 1 to 1.5hrs range with 85% ftp and alternating them each week. Or would I be better off doing some Threshold sessions such as “Jefferson”, etc?
  • Thursday would be Baxter or something in the 1.5hr endurance range of workouts.
  • Saturday would be something like “Big Mountain” (3hrs of endurance riding).

Thanks and loving all of the new features :grinning:

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