Help Chad fix in-ride text typos; post them here 👇

Similar issue with: Chishill

“Important: Performing these intervals at 125% FTP assumes”
but it’s “Chishill is another pyramid-format VO2max workout, but this time it grows the number of 15/15’s (at 120% FTP & 88% FTP)”

(at the description)

“Keeler Needle consists of a total of 14 power ramps ranging from 115-150% FTP.”

The power ramps are 13 not 14.

It’s not a typo, nevertheless I would like to suggest it:

I noticed that a lot of training sessions that have instructions, end up with “we’ll see you next time”. Well, I would like to suggest to change that into “we’ll see you next time!”. After all, I am happy and content each time I finish a TrainerRoad session, why shouldn’t TrainerRoad be as happy as me? :smiley:

The math is off at 48:12 in Colosseum -1. It says to ride 10 rpm above normal cadence but the example is to go from 85 to 105. Maybe the 85 should be 95?