Help Chad fix in-ride text typos; post them here 👇

Geiger +3
25.00 “turing” instead of turning
59:50 it should be you’re, not “your”

Eclipse +1:
A lot of typos, mostly numerical (minutes in, minutes left etc.), some other typos. Didn’t remember all and probably didn’t catch them all, but found mistakes at: 1.15

Eclipse +3:
25.50 “gluts” instead of “glutes”
32.50 “foward”

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I had this happen again. The workout in the Garmin app home screen says “Rogers +5” but when I click on it for details it says “Stevens -1”

The steps are right. I wonder since I often workout shop for a different length depending on the day if the original workout gets pushed with a title but the modified one doesn’t update the calendar event title while it does update the workout steps. I don’t remember modifying the workout today, but I did recently restructure my training plan for some events I wanted to attend.

Hmm… I would for sure check in with, may have something to do with the timing of when an adaptation takes place after a workout has already been pushed to your head unit the 2 days prior. The team will be happy to take a look and help!

Typos at 35.50 (I think “foward”)
at 40.10 (“your” instead of "You’re)

at 9.10
at 28.05
at 45.10

Mills -4


I’m sorry @IvyAudrain for not including the exact typos that occur, but it’s really hard to type during hard intervals and trying to remember them is hard as well.

This has already been reported I see. I did the workout (Mills +4) this morning and the typo noted “” … 3 intervals …" should be “…4 intervals…”" is still there

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OPE sorry, Mills +1 and +4 (and all of the variations of workouts) all have separate text, so one fix doest apply to them all as the number of intervals varies.

We’ll fix that one!

Long time podcast listener, first time poster and first-time TR user - first workout today and found a typo :grinning:

Mt Field -1
Around the ‘3 mins remaining’ mark in the last 12 min 80% FTP interval, I think it said “adomen” instead of “abdomen”


I think “Jacks” at some point talks about “gluts” instead of “glutes” but I may have been hallucinating by that point.

I think it fits here.

I recently synced Venado -2 workout as an outside workout to Garmin but it shows up as Venado -1.

I checked the details and the content of the workout correctly matches Venado -2 (3x 5m, not 2x 8m).
Maybe just the name of the workout needs to be updated somewhere.

Noticed a little error on the description of Lerket with a misplaced question mark.

“Lerket has 4 target intervals ranging from 3:30 to 3:45 all at 106%.? Each interval is separated by a 11 minute and 45 second recovery valley.”