Help Chad fix in-ride text typos; post them here 👇

English, about 45 minutes and change into the workout…spelling error.

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Steamboat, +1, +3 has ILT section. When it comes to Steamboat+2, script has ILT but training itself doesn’t have it. It looks like only +2 got some modification in order to fit into training plan.

There are two active versions of Sidole, one with an updated/correct duration and one incorrect. The team is on it.

Thanks! Still waiting for the team’s word here on this one, it was reported above.

@IvyAudrain The workout description for Sill still refers to 6 minute recoveries between over-unders. This should be corrected to 5 minutes.

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Osceola “outside” description. With is spelled “iwth”. :slight_smile:

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Vennacher -2 from SuPB MV plan

Workout description is for 3x9 min intervals, but it is 3x12

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During workout interval commencing at 21:00 should be 9 minutes long not two 4:30 intervals with phantom sprint and commentry at 4:30. Also incorrectly shown in workout overview as being 4:30 long not 9:00 as description.

Ditto interval commencing at 31:00 minutes.

Interval commencing at 41:00 is correct length but has phantom sprint at 4:30, lead in commentry is missing from last sprint at 50:00.

2:30 minutes from end of workout commentry says you are now entering the last 5 minutes.


At the start of the last interval, the text says “your sit bone firmly grounded …”

I’m being nitty gritty, but since there are 2 sit bones and since the plural is used in every workout I’ve seen so far, maybe it should be “sit bones” here as well :slight_smile:

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Just noticed this one too. Harder work coming tomorrow than I was expecting!


@IvyAudrain I completed Riscos at the weekend, I was unsure where to post, but thought it worth letting you know that the workout text is not correct for that workout, it seems to have been copied from one which has 10sec ramps and longer duration intervals. :slight_smile:

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Is it just me or are Moose’s Tooth +2 and +3 workouts basically the same workout?

Jungbong captions are pretty messed up. For the second 5 minute interval it says “settle in for 7 minutes”, and for the first 2 minute interval it says something about 3 minutes.

Those are the two I remember specifically, but I’d check the whole thing

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Hmmmm looking into this.

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Wallace is broken. First interval is missing 1 block

Fang Mountain:
At around 17:40, it should be “in” instead of “if”
At around 18:05, it should be 2 o’clock, not 2’ oclock
At around 47:25 it says you flood your legs “twice” every interval, but you actually do it 3 times (if I understand this correctly - there are 3 ups and downs each interval?)
At around 51:50 “forward” is spelled “foward”
At around 1:03:30 “manageable” is spelled “manageble”.

Darwin +1:
At 42:30, during the rest period between the 2nd and the 3rd interval, the text comes up 2minutes30sec before the 3rd interval; however, the text at 40:15 says “we’ll catch up about 30 seconds before the next interval” - so this text is 2 minutes too early
At 1:10:10: “feel free to continue spinning … more than the allotted minute” - the “cooldown” is 5 minutes long, not (1) minute
At 1:10:25, “rehydratRion”

Garfield is just weird.

Text during the rest interval before the first real effort says to “set your intended cadence…even though the drills may ask you to change it…”

Then, 20 seconds later it says “let’s target out slowest spin during this first round”

If you’re on a trainer in Erg mode, you’re now fighting for power target since you ramped up the spin thinking it’s the normal 85 or 90+, the power jumps, then immediately it wants you to slow down to 60 rpm.

After the 3rd interval, which is done at 100rpm, the only text in the recovery section says, “…bring you spin back up”? Back up to what? The first interval was at 60, the second at 80 and the third at 100. Does TR want the recovery to be even faster than 100?

Honestly, I think the issue here is that so many workouts have Chad saying, “settle into this power demand for a minute” where a lot of these new workouts have you changing things up within that first minute.


Ps…Hi @IvyAudrain

I think Meadow Valley has the wrong TSS and IF:


My completed version (in Erg mode, with no changes to intensity) looks like this:


and that lines up with the public rides:

Acho, about 23min in, “compartively” should be “comparatively”