Heart rate in TR-SSMV2

Hi guys, good night!
I have a questions and dude; Today, I does workout Bluebell +2 (Vo2) and my max heart rate in this workout it was 168 ppm (Z2). Here the questions: Is normal obtain this ppm for this workout? Or probably that my FTP be there modified?

This is my 3 week the TR in plan SSMV2 and training twice a week aerobic exercises


JoseLuisXC :chile:

People have different max heart rates, there isn’t really a normal (I’m not aware of a meaningful one).

If you’re peaking at 168 BPM when doing VO2 work, it implies you have a low max HR (when compared to me). VO2 will kick me right up to 180-185 BPM and I sit at around 160-170 BPM when doing sweet spot.

What did your heart rate get to on your RAMP test?

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Thanks for you response @ellyp
The HR in the test ramp it was 178 ppm. I have 36 years old.
But, in the test ramp in june 30, it was 193 ppm.

I think that ramp test, it wasn´t the expected, because my FTP decreased for 19 watt.


@JoseLuisXC during VO2max workouts my heart rate typically settles in around 90% to 93% of my maximum heart rate.

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Bluebell isn’t a particularly hard workout. The intensity factor of Bluebell +2 is only 0.85. But this is by design. The VO2 workouts get progressively harder week to week. By the time you get to Spencer +2, with an intensity factor of 0.92, your heart rate is going to get a lot higher. Guaranteed.

Your upcoming VO2 workout is Mills (IF = 0.88). If you want to do something similar but harder, try Dade -1 instead (IF = 0.9). It’s the same format as Mills but without the declining power, and is noticeably more difficult.

If you have seen that your HR can get up to 193 BPM, you should probably assume that your Max HR is up in the 190’s. So, you having a 168 BPM heart rate during the workout would be ‘normal’.

Of course it is hard to define normal. Since we all have different Max HRs and our Zones vary.

If you can do the workout and it is about as hard as you would expect that type of workout to be, than it sounds like you are in the right place.