Health and noise cancelling headphones whilst flying

Perhaps my memory is failing me but I am sure I can recall hearing a podcast discussion on the impact of aircraft cabin noise on immune function. I seem to think it was in Ambers early appearances?
The take away I got from this was that noise cancelling headphones could help suppress the increase in cortizol caused by white noise in the cabin.
Try as I might I can’t find the relevant episode and any attempts to find the research using Google seems to be hijacked by Covid-19.
Can anyone point me in the right direction please?
Regards - Martin

This isn’t exactly is but it talks about road/traffic noise.

This article talks about different effects of flying with lost of links but it mostly talks about air pressure and humidity.

I just googled “flying noise immune response” and seemed get a decent number of responses that didn’t involve COVID.

don’t remember when it was, but I definitely remember her saying that. Bought a pair for that specific reason when I flew to Switzerland to to IM. Used them regularly afterwards for domestic flights

I don’t have any scientific evidence, but reducing noise levels helps me sleep on long distance flights. So much so that it was a game changer for me. I don’t have noise canceling headphones, but big closed ones that reduce the noise levels quite substantially. And better sleep leads to better health outcomes and less fatigue. Especially when I fly to Chile (which takes me about 30-36 hours, depending on the direction and the connection), this is a huge bonus.