Heads up for Wahoo Bolt v2 owners (Battery issue)

TL:DR PSA, If you have a Bolt V2 that drains battery wayyy faster than advertised, you might wanna check with wahoo support. They asked me just my ride files and were able to see the issue.

I’m having a pretty unlucky year in 2022 with electronics.

My Wahoo Bolt original is from 2017 and I’ve been fairly happy with it ever since.
3 weeks ago, decided to finally upgrade to V2 because I had the opportunity to get fully reimbursed for it through work.

Went on 2 rides with it. One was a 7 hour ride with 2 brakes (8hr total), the other was 5 hour social ride with a lot of pauses. Gather with friends, cafe stops etc. (8hrs total).

Both times, Bolt V2 died at 7.5 hour mark. Thankfully I had a battery pack with me the first time and the older Bolt the second time, in anticipation of it happening again.

I had my screen light setting at “off,” routing was on for less than an hour in both rides. I thought there was just no reason for it to have half the battery life it was advertised at.

Long story short, I indeed got a lemon. Wahoo acknowledged there has been some battery issues that got resolved with a newer firmware. But seeing I updated to the newest firmware before my latest ride, they concluded that I have a faulty unit. So it’s getting replaced.

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My “old” Wahoo Bolt died in the rain. So far the V2 has served me well.