Having all the time in the world to train!

So…got made redundant today…nice one!

Now I have all the time in the world outside of going to job interviews and job seeking (mainly evening activities) What would be the best way to make use of my time for training.

I currently have 3 TR sessions a week with one strength training day…weekends are generally for big rides outside or big Climbing Zwift sessions. I have the following Events booked up:

March: 4 days in Mallorca
July: London 2 Brighton & Etape
August: Ride 100 London

I am currently 8 weeks into my training plan (I used the plan builder) with the plan ending after 16th August. I obvs want to use the time to find a new job…but also become a beast on the bike.

I started the year with a FTP of 197 @ 78kg and now currently at 214w @ 76.8 kg

any advice, about adding stuff in and around my 3 TRs would be great.

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Use plan Builder to setup to MV rather than LV and see how you go. With all of that time (assuming you don’t have too much stress coming from elsewhere) you should be able to recover and handle the volume; if not drop back to LV and just add one or two lower intensity rides.

Is it ok to just start the build again?

I made an assumption you were about to start build. Regardless, whichever phase you are in / you’re about to start you should be able to click on the annotation at the start of that phase and change the volume. If I were in your shoes that’s the approach I’d take.

My biggest advice is not to do too much too soon. Small steps up will give you more longevity vs a potential big injury.

So don’t just add 3 more days with lots of biking

The MV suggestion sounds good, maybe pick a reduced version or lower % intensity for the extra “intensity day” depending on how you feel

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In same administrative leave boat. I attempted 14 hrs per week on high volume criterium plan plus but found 10 is hard to keep on top of if all indoor, 14 manageable with some longer outdoor rides but tiring. Find a balance that keeps you motivated and good luck on job hunt

Thanks guys… I have now adjusted my plan for MV … Lets see how I get on

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Your events are going to involve a fair amount of mileage, especially the Etape, at your likely w/kg.

I say - when the weather’s OK - just get out on your bike and ride. For the next few weeks, enjoy your freedom and try some new routes. Keep it relatively easy paced, just ride more. Substitute intensity for volume for a bit.

Monitor your TSS and maybe set a weekly limit so you don’t overdo it - but otherwise just increase your number of hours on the bike, and the number of rides you spend 3+ hours or more in the saddle.

Then when you get that job or you get closer to your events, go back to Plan Builder and start focusing on specific interval sessions.

After all, LV and MV plans are for the time-crunched cyclist, and right now your time is very un-crunched.

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depends how intense the TR sessions are, but endurance is a GREAT way to get faster. BUILD the aerobic engine. Big miles does wonders for the body if you can handle it.