Haute Route 2021 participants thread

AlpenBrevet is great. I’ve done it twice. Last year was supposed to be the third, but instead it’ll be this year. Book accommodations as they start/finish town fills up & with little remaining options. It’s easy to get there by train, so a car isn’t necessary if you’re flying in or nearby. Although, depending on the time of day before the event, the trains’ allocated spaces for bikes may be filled before you get on!

I’d second all of the above. I did Pyrenees and Alps in 2019. Enjoyed the Pyrenees maybe a bit more than the Alps since the HR Alps was more riding alone (long steady climbs at your own pace) whereas the HR Pyrenees was offering chance to stick with a group. Pyrenees had short steep climbs separated with fun rolling transitions where a rider like me (standing somewhere >100th place) was able to stick with a group. That gave a feeling of a proper race instead of a series of TTs the Alps was all about.

This year the Pyreness doesn’t fit into my schedule unfortunately. So the Alps it is. Fingers crossed it’ll happen.

Haute Route just introduced „teams“ to HR events. Meaning you can participate and compete on a team level for the first time…

Anyone doing haute route watopia ?

Last stage today and a summit finish on the alpe du zwift


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I did stages 1 and 2, not super keen on 3 now :sweat_smile:


The air is too high for me

I mistakenly did stage 1 in the B cat and hit all kinds of peaks trying not to be last :rofl:

Yesterday in c cat was more my styles

Plan to plod along in c again today and see how it goes

Yes, all done. Day three was all about forcing my tired legs to maintain sweetspot. Wish they’d update the GC, Im curious how I ended up.

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Should all be on ZwiftPower…

Should, but it hasnt updated GC since friday night

Really positive news on the HR Crans Montana.
Switzerland is allowing small scale sports events from next week on.
Vaccinations are also progressing well in Switzerland. Would be awesome if this really takes place :slight_smile:

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Yes, they are relaxing the restrictions next week. This is mostly due to frustration from the public. Yes, the numbers are low, and lower than I think France, but the sense from the reporting I get is the former, coupled with warning temperatures (though these past weeks have been more winter like than spring) more than the latter brought the change. At the time of the announcement, I read that some 8% of the population has been vaccinated. As for me, someone fortunate to be in the lowest of the tiered system (ie with the lowest inherent risk despite being 53), I have no real sense when I’ll get a vaccine appointment (though this appears to increasingly be a function of the canton I live as it seems a neighboring, smaller canton is doing better.

That all said, we are on the right track here. I suspect that Ausländer flying into Switzerland will need a rapid antigen test before boarding (as was the case when I / my family returned from Spain last week… to get into Spain, I / my family needed a PCR test taken within 72hrs of arrival into Spain).

Surely by the time of the event, things will be even better.

Ps for the triathletes… pools, indoor and outdoor, will still be closed with the loosening of restrictions next week.

Hi all,

Looks like events are really going forward.

For a 3 days event, what form (TSB) should we start the event with?

Tks in advance!

What’s that?

TrainingPeaks Form