Haute Route 2021 participants thread

Hello, Crans Montana will be superb for sure.
I am a Haute Route ambassador and as such I can help you to have a lower registration fee. So, please feel free to let me know how I can help you of course.
You can DM me on facebook if you want. Patrick.


Let me know if you wish some help with the cost. As a Haute Route ambassador, I can have an option to lower your cost.


The idea of an ftp test after a tough weekend like this sounds awful to me, but I’m getting used to the fact that what I think of as logical, seems to be the opposite of good training practice,

Looking at my calendar, it seems I have an ftp test each time I come back from a B race, so guess this is a thing in TR?

Still a number of months out for most events, but how are we feeling?

I had originally deferred from 2020 to 2021 for HRA, but with how things are looking right now I’m leaning towards deferring further to 2022. Where I reside, vaccinations for the general public likely won’t be available until September at the very earliest. Even if the event moves forward as planned and I am able to participate without having being vaccinated prior to, I’m not so sure it would be worth the risk on a number of levels.

Not to mention that deferring to 2022 should make it easier to tack on an actual vacation after the event, which was a big part of my plan in the first place. Just curious how others are handling the uncertainty…

Ultimately, this is partially an individual decision and partially regulation based.
I am signed up for 2 events. The first would be in June in Switzerland.
The second in September in Italy.
I am not more scared to participate in a race than I am going grocery shopping where I live in Germany.
Both races take place in extremely sparsely populated areas, and I expect every participant will be obliged to be Corona-tested before the event.
If I have to go into quarantine before I can take part AND after (so when returning), I will likely not participate.
If only one applies, I will likely participate, if the races go through as planned.

I think there is little chance of the first three events happening.

Brazil 26-28 MARCH 2021
Crans-Montana 11-13 JUNE 2021
Pyrenees 6-10 JULY 2021

I’m sure HR will really want the Alps to go ahead at the end of August as this is the main event for them, hopefully the later events can happen too.

No idea where this leaves me. I’ve just come out of quarantine after catching Covid and my training plan is in tatters.

Luckily I only had relatively mild symptoms, no worse than man flu.

I’m aiming to get back on my bike this evening for a gentle hour of turning the pedals and to asses where I am at, I have a suspicion I have lost quite a lot and still feel pretty tired.

If it goes ok this week with a few gentle sessions I will start again on Monday with a ramp test.

I reset plan builder to start from Monday which has me back in base for the next six weeks. This is a little annoying as I’d just finished base, and was about to start build before I got ill, but it is what it is and I don’t think I have the physical or mental strength for build at the minute anyway.

I’m hoping if they cancel events in 2021 I can roll them into 2022 as part of my Infinity Pass, but not sure how this works.

The way I’m feeling at the moment, I’d be happy to push it all to 2022, but am hoping I will regain my motivation and will then have some HR events towards the back end of the year to look forward to.


My personal and uninformed thought from a foreigner residing in Switzerland on the likelihood of Crans-Montana in June: it’ll happen. I believe some international participants will encounter additional hurdles to enter the country if arriving by air, like COVID tests or proof of vaccine, but these will be on the honor-system if entering by car. It may also be possible that by then testing will be available at the event. That’s my guess based on increasing vaccine options, soon to be available treatments, friction between cantons and fed on restrictions, French cantons saying they’re doing it better than the German kantons, etc. However, I’m not putting money where my typing fingers are. It’s just a hunch.

I hadn’t considered the potential impact of having to quarantine for upwards of 2 weeks on both ends of the week long event. Having to miss out on riding outdoors here in Canada, where we only have a 6-8 month window of outdoor riding as a general rule of thumb, is less than ideal.

Seems like the best course at this point is to take a wait and see approach until closer to the event date, when there is a more clear picture on the state of things, and protocols that need to be followed, etc. As has been alluded to, it’s far from a guarantee the events will even proceed as planned at this rate.

In any case, based on their communications thus far, I get the sense HR is willing to be very accommodating by allowing people to defer depending on their situation/level of comfort, which is reassuring. Can’t hurt to keep an open line of communication though…

I guess we have to train as if they will go ahead and wait and see.

I’m not sure how postponing events will work for me, the idea of the Infinity Pass is you have access to all the events for one calendar year.

If I am able to, I’d rather start with the Alps/Dolomites and then do Brazil, Crans Montana and the Pyrenees in 2022.

I did get back on the trainer yesterday, took it nice and easy and did Pettit.

Still not 100%, but feel well enough to carry on along a similar vain for the rest of this week, before a ramp test and base from next week.

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That’s my feeling too - the Swiss event is the most likely to go ahead.

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The Haute Route Brazil event has been rescheduled from March to late October 2021. This should come as no surprise, considering most HR participants are from Europe and North America, so traveling to Brazil in March is off limits for most potential participants anyway. That makes Crans-Montana the first event of the year in June.

Oman 29-31 OCTOBER 2021 and Mexico 5-7 NOVEMBER 2021 have both been cancelled rather than rescheduled, I suspect for different reasons as these are at the tail end of 2021.

I was offered the chance to roll Brazil into 2022, or to do one of the other events, so Haute Route being very fair about it.

I’ll probably do one of the European events in 2022 instead, as getting to Brazil for a 3 day event does make the logistics a bit more complicated (i’m in the UK).

Thinking about joining this year’s Pyrenees… anyone already joined or did race in previous years?

Oh no!
As a European, I still expect the EU races going through. Don’t know why they cancel Mexico and Oman, but probably the number of Latin Americans and middle Eastern People participating in these events is super low, so travel regulations between continents apply.
Fingers crossed. Not another year of Zwift only please!

I spoke to a guy who participated in Pyrenees 7 day event a few years back (a few people in this thread have, too).
A few things to point out:

  • the area is extremely beautiful and has a lot of climbing, like any HR event
  • the climbs, especially the ones scheduled for this year, aren’t quite as notable (at least considering by their name) as the ones in the Dolomites or French alps
  • the climbs aren’t quite as high, but you just have more per stage. That means you are riding further distances than in the comparable Dolomites event (200km more).
  • the accommodations in the Pyrenees are not quite the level of the ones in the alps.
  • it will still be a full HR experience. Massively exhausting, incredibly beautiful, and professionally organized.

That’s all I know.

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I signed up to do it last year and was rolled into this year.

My schedule now is to fly to Venice on the 1st, do the Maratona on the 4th, then fly to Barcelona on the 5th and start the HR Pyrenees from the 6th.

I’ll be the guy at the back.


I really hope so to.

I’ve just had Covid and as I’m 50, it looks like I’m on target to have my vaccination by mid March, so hopefully I will be very little risk to anybody and comfortable about travelling again.

I’ve not really been keeping up with the situation in Switzerland, but know France has had it almost as tough as in the UK and is a bit behind on the vaccination effort.

If they run the events, I plan to go

Here in Switzerland the general, not prioritized, population is to start receiving vaccine shots in April. The situation varies by canton but in general it’s not great. At the present moment, restaurants may only provide take-away, non-essential stores are closed (though this is broadly defined, many clothing stores on our high street in our village near Zurich, for example, are providing window-shopping options), and the like. However, with the latest tightening, things do appear to be getting better: COVID-19 Switzerland | Coronavirus. I doubt we’ll see much of a loosening of restrictions when the federal authorities meet again later this month with vaccine availability for the broader population being near and severe concerns over new variants.

If forced to place a bet, I’d say that by June, things will be substantially relaxed, with restaurants and tourism open, masks will still be required, and travelers will need to show proof of vaccine or quarantine. And that the Crans-Montana event will happen.

It is interesting to consider what the AlpenBrevet organizers are planning for their 1-day cycling tour in early September, https://www.alpenbrevet.ch.

Okay, merci for the insight.
I used to live in the suburbs of Zurich, too. Great area.:relaxed:

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Thank you, that’s really helpful info, but I wish you hadn’t told me about the Alpenbrevet, That’s yet another event added to my bucket list!