Haute Route 2021 participants thread

Nothing says i love you like saying i do atop the ventoux.
I’m sure she will understand :grin:


Might be, but the family won‘t be happy to celebrate atop a windy mountain in fall. :rofl:

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I have registered for the pyrenees
Hoping it will go ahead.

Doing the century plan with sweet spot base and sustained power build.
Changed from climbing road race after listening to the podcast a few months ago.

Aim to survive

Would be unique, nice cheap wine around there too.

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Yep. But I have a long life ahead of me with these people (hopefully). Probably Id never be allowed to go cycling anywhere, ever again XD

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Very nice. I was looking at Pyrenees also, but it just comes a little too early for me in the year. Dolomites will be my A++ event for the year and I‘ll need the full 10 months run-up to survive.

The route for HR Dolomites 2021, one of the two events I‘ll participate in, is out, and it is definitely crazy. The first climb of the event is Passo Giau and the final climb on stage for is godfather climb of them all.
Three of four classic stages have over 3,000m of elevation- molto pazzo!

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Wow that’s a great but brutal route! I live in Trentino so that’s pretty tempting to do, I’ve ridden all those climbs in training but never raced on them (except for the uphill race on the Stelvio, ouch).

However, I’ve never done a stage race so I would probably go out too hard and DNF in the first stage lol.

Plus, the problem is the price, it’s definitely out of my budget.

It would be nice to do it as a once-in-a-lifetime experience though, luckily I’m young so there’s (hopefully) a lot of time for that.