Has anyone created the TR training library in Xert?

Has anyone created the TR training library in Xert?

I am fairly certain that would be a violation of the TR Terms & Conditions:

I feel these are most relevant:

c. Accessing (or attempting to access) any of our Resources by any means other than through the means we provide, is strictly prohibited. You specifically agree not to access (or attempt to access) any of our Resources through any automated, unethical or unconventional means.

e. Attempting to copy, duplicate, reproduce, sell, trade, or resell our Resources is strictly prohibited.

  • I know some question it based on this general desire to port TR workouts into other avenues, and wondering what exactly is protected TR property. I am no lawyer, and most of the rest of us aren’t either. I suggest contacting TR if you really want to head down a road like this.

  • I am tagging @IvyAudrain so she can report anything more on the issue, since she is an actual TR employee, and I am not.


If you are using Xert, fundamentally the way you go about training would not necessarily replicate TR style workouts in the first place. Is there any issue with the Xert workout library?

Yeah if you are trying to do TR workouts with Xert you are probably not understanding Xert.

See their video on how fitness signatures work - intervals in Xert workouts are typically based on more than just % of threshold/FTP.

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I am not trying to do TR style workouts in Xert.

Yes, in principle, you could copy that, but at that point, why not go for the original? TR has invested many person-years into the creation and curation of its library. Or, if you think Xert works better for you, stick to its workout library?