Hardest Workouts (Race Simulation)

How do you build youre race simultation workouts, how hard are they and how often do you do them.

Now im base I’m planning to build up to 3x45min@93% with 5 min breaks (saturday workout in SSBHV)
My TSS at the end of base will be 250 and i should use well under 4 hours.

In build/speciality im gonna do some kind of kitchen workout with tempo/SST and VO2max + threshold as finisher. Not sure how the build will be but also gonna end at 250 TSS and up to 4 hours (seen some good ones that hunter allan suggests).

Damn, 3x45min.

In the words of Jeremy Clarkson, “I would rather staple my ears to a horse.”

Might be a tad bit much, but gonna give it a go. Im only on week 2 SSBHV1
First 2h7min SST gave 159TSS, total of 103Min avg 92%FTP, started with 1x45, then did some easier lenghts mentally for the rest of intervall time.

I have a few homemade workouts from when I did SSBHV training for TTs. Things like:

2x (1x40min + 1x20min)@91%

1x60min@90% + 1x40min@94% + 1x20min@96%

4x 4x(2min@92% + 30s@103% + 2min@94% + 30s@107%) — basically 20min SS over-unders

All long steady state stuff with time trials in mind. Maybe not so great for crit or road race prep.