Hard to stick to a training plan when the weather gets better outside


So my situation is that when I have a sweetspot workout indoors or any indoor workout scheduled and the weather is good outdoors, I usually tend to go for a zone 2 ride for about 1.5 to 2 hours and I have been doing that for a long time. I don’t see a decline in fitness but I am just hovering over there. Will there be any way in which doing outdoor workouts be convenient? I am using garmin edge 820 and vector 3s @Nate_Pearson


they’re actively testing outdoor workouts, but they’ve only been teasing us with little tidbits so no clue when it’ll be ready for primetime or other details, much some of us have been trying our best to read the tea leaves lol

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For the moment if you want to go outdoors just look at the core of the workout and ignore the minor variations. For example if you have Carson just do say 5x6 minutes at 92% FTP. No need to program it into your Garmin or anything, just hit the lap timer when you start an interval and have lap time and power on your display. Most of the sweetspot stuff works fine like this if you have roads where you can maintain steady efforts, no need to recreate every tiny variation.

Yeah totally agree, use a bit of common sense. I also happen to think that you get a lot more from the ride if you can complete it as planned vs doing it on the trainer.

I’d agree with what other said above. If it’s something like SS intervals, those are easy enough to do outside, ignoring the minor variations etc. I’m in the middle of MV short power build, I think once I’m done with that, my next block might be a LV block and I’d make the rest of the hours up outside either MTB or road. I think dropping to LV will help keep the key workouts and the ‘easier to do outside stuff’ can be done outside

Then I better not do indoor training plans after Mid April then as the weather gets good enough to ride outdoors.