Halifax, Nova Scotia - Good roads for outside workouts? + Meetups

Hey fellow Haligonians,

I am living in Downtown Halifax and you most likely are aware of how hilly this area is :slight_smile:

I am looking for some good roads/loops in town where we can do at least Vo2 max or other short intervals. It seems like doing long intervals such as Sweetspot is not really ideal as I need to do an out and back ride along the St Margarets Bay Rd or on Waverly which are flat, but add extra 30-40 mins to my ride which I cannot afford on weekdays. Let me know if you have any suggestions for roads where you do your outside workouts!

I also would like to meet up with fellow TR users in HRM and do some rides! DM me if you are interested.

It has been a while since I lived and bicycled in Dartmouth. I used to live very close to downtown. I used to head out Pleasant St ( I lived just south of Pleasant towards the harbour) towards Sherwater if I wanted not too many hills or towards Lawrencetown Beach. I am not certain about traffic etc in these areas now but I used to also head out Braemar Dr- Waverley Rd along the lakes again this is not too hilly either. If I wanted a street with a hill and not much traffic my favourite was Dorothea Dr. in Cole Harbour. But it has been many many years since I biked in the Halifax- Dartmouth area so things may have changed a lot since then. I am sure most of the bike shops like Cyclesmith would have some good advice.

Thanks! That Portland hills area is quite busy in terms of traffic but the residential roads around there seem quite good for 1-2 minute intervals!