Half distance tri training run longer than race

I’m in specialty phase of mid volume half distance and the long runs have gone past by race distance. (1::40, 1:50, and this next week is 2:00). Do I continue to run longer than 13.1 or stay at my race distance?


Not a tri specialist, but I did a lot of half marathon training, so - most plans don’t drive the long runs so long, many stop at 90 mins. The emphasis should be in adding blocks at higher tempo in those runs when you get to be comfortable with the duration. You gain more by doing, for example, a 90-min easy run with 3x10min at a tempo at or slightly faster than your half target, than a 120-min easy run.

The 2hr run should be a good aerobic endurance workout, make sure you’re pacing it easy enough though - they’re RPE6, not race pace.


The more you run the easier it gets :+1:. I was doing long runs for marathon training >13mi and totally smashed my half marathon PR when I did a race.

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