Group Workouts - LADIES ONLY ROOMS!

Hi all,
In case there are any women out there who’d prefer to spin with other women - here’s a place to post workout codes for Ladies Only rides. (@ambermalika want to start us off?)

I’m new to forum posting so I’m not yet savvy enough to create a calendar like the other pinned post. Will update if I figure that out.

Hope to see you out there!


Kind of a doozy, but I’ll be doing Fang Mountain +1 today at 6:30pm Central Time - code: 4bqci9

I just found this thread! I’m riding outside today and a Zwift race (local series) on Saturday but I’m game for this! When do you normally ride?

2 other things - 1) I have teammates that might join be interested and 2) I would be game for a standing workout that isn’t too tough.