Group Workout Room Code Sharing

Tallac +3 at 9am pacific.

@summerson we’re so close! You can join us for round 2 after your first one is done :wink:


I’m in for this one!

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And I thought only Coach Chad was trying to kill me :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Not a code but group related. Nate says he listens to music in the work periods and I’d like to do this too. I use bluetooth headphones and when I started playing a tune in Spotify yesterday I couldn’t hear anything. As bluetooth devices can only be connected to one “thing” at a time how can I get this to work as i believe with TR connected to the headphones they can’t be used by the laptop too.
Any advice?

My Bluetooth earbuds can connect to multiple devices at once, but they can only receive audio from one at a time. When I do group workouts I connect the earbuds to my laptop, and I have a browser window open playing music and the TR desktop app open at the same time.

I know mine wont do this because if they connect to my phone they wont connect to the laptop at the same time

I’m listening to Spotify through my computer. As long as you start it with the mouse, I can control the rest of the play/pause/next with my headphone controls.

That’s what I’m trying to do also. May join you at 5 and get a lesson :grinning:. If I do it won’t be for the full 2 hours and I’ll be at reduced intensity after Disaster-1 yesterday

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So are you using the TrainerRoad app on the same computer which Spotify is running from?

That’s how I do it. I run everything on my laptop (TR and Spotify) and use my phone as a remote to stop/start Spotify for the intervals (I open Spotify on my phone but select my laptop as the playback source).

So I’m talking specifically about group workouts here. I want to be able to listen to music during the work periods through the same headphones which are listed as being the “speaker” in group workout audio settings. I get the Spotify controlling thing that’s fine, I need to try it that way in a group workout, I’ll just set one up for myself and try it tomorrow.

Yeah, this is what I do during Group Workouts, and it works great. Spotify and TR both running on my laptop with my headphones connected to the laptop and my phone functioning purely as a remote for Spotify on my computer. For workouts by myself, I leave music playing the whole time anyhow and don’t use headphones, so this is purely for my Group Workouts setup.


Thanks. :+1:

Obelisk, easy hour, 1630 UK


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New to this forum. About to do a ride, thought I’d invite whomever is available… since I have no TR friend. lol. I hope i am doing this right - - code fnfp55

You did it correctly. Keep posting the sessions, eventually people will fancy doing the workout and someone will join. One rule I have set myself is that if nobody turns up by the start time i bin the group workout and load a normal version, i don’t wait. I know Nate’s rides work this way too, always start on time.

Oh thank you. Yah I did it anyway, on time but left the group workout on because I didn’t know if people wanted to join midway. Rookie. Thanks for the feedback though.

Mary Austin -1 starts in 30 minutes… 1300 CDT

CODE: zdmkfm

Galena +3 Sunday at 9am pacific! RSVP Link