Gravel tyres for my road bike

Hello gravel folks. I’m looking for a set of gravel tyres to fit on my giant contend sl1 2017. I’m going to try for 31/32mm to see if they fit and if not I’ll return and size down. I’ll be using them on the road and gravel but the main thing is for them to be okay for a range of off road stuff as I’ll be exploring. In the Scottish highlands and islands, so it may well be muddy.

Currently looking at these - any thoughts or alternative recommendations much appreciated?


32mm Donnelly MSO may fit the bill.

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Beware of sticky mud, otherwise your fork may lose some paint.

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Yea this is specifically for dry “groad” types of gravel on a road bike. I have a separate bike for true gravel/cyclocross

I put 31 mm Vittoria Dry Torreno on my endurance road bike. Bike has claimed clearance for 32 mm. Worked well on a couple of gravel rides on well-groomed dirt roads.

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Did you get much traction out of the saddle? Another tire I would maybe consider is the torreno mix that comes in a 31mm.

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Not sure if you’re still shopping. Internet says 30c is about the max. 28c is the factory number for disc and rim brakes. That’s not really enough to do mud. There are 33c CX tires that’ll work in mud… but don’t. A tire may “fit” but you’ll mess up your frame’s paint where it barely clears.

I don’t see a lot of 30-31c tires worth trying. Mini-knobs (Panaracer GK SK, G-One Allaround, etc) don’t do anything in mud - you’ll instantly start falling when you touch anything slick. Of what I see - Panaracer GK SK in 28 or Vittoria Terreno Dry /Mix / wet G2.0 TNT 31-622 or Schwalbe CX Pro. I think the limit is on the fork crown, so the Dry tires may work better. If you’re just travelling and want mostly road tires, I like the Schwalbe G-One speed 30c in the older OneStar/Microskin build - ebay.

Maybe sell the contend and pickup a Topstone/Revolt/Checkpoint/Diverge/Grizl/Domane/Contend AR

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I did lose traction on an 8% grade out of the saddle. Part of that is the shorter chain stay horizontal length on my road bike relative to a proper gravel bike, and I’m sure the rest is the relative lack of tread on the tire. I hit the hill a second time seated and kept traction. i appreciate the tire recommendation.

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Cheers. I’ve got the 31mm Terreno Mix and seeing if they fit tomorrow, but I think I may well end up with something like the Schwalbe G-One speed, as I’ll be riding road on them too. Basically road and forestry roads

I’ve used the G-One speeds on my road bike a fair bit. They maybe only add a bit of traction but won’t fill with crap that may cause clearance issues anyway. They are great for “good” dirt roads.

The dots that make up the tread wear fairly quickly however.

If you can’t fit a 4mm allen key with an air gap all the way around the tire, I wouldn’t run them. The knobs are going to throw up mud, grit, etc and destroy your paint.

The G-One speeds are good winter grit tires, but offer no soft surface benefit. I love the white label ones (onestar microskin 127tpi) as country road/roubaix/strada bianci type tires though.

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